Large International
Hospitality Company 
Case Study

Large International Hospitality Company

When the shared service center for a large international hospitality company decided to outsource its ERP operations and maintenance support to a large integrator, the organization turned to ALTA.


The large international hospitality company needed to supplement its full-time staff in order to execute a complex and demanding transition in a timely fashion. ALTA had a long-standing relationship with the large international hospitality company and was familiar with various aspects of its business. ALTA's highly trained professionals were able to merge seamlessly with company employees in numerous capacities to facilitate the transition for the company. ALTA professionals were tasked to:

  • Augment staff in various departments while the permanent staff were redeployed
  • Finish work in progress
  • Support documentation efforts
  • Reduce trouble ticket backlog


ALTA was able to provide the appropriate PeopleSoft functional and technical talent to ensure a smooth transition. The applications were transitioned on time and within budget. The customer is highly satisfied and continues its long-term relationship with ALTA.


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“I know that every time I have a staffing need, I can rely on the ALTA team to come through. They understand the needs of my organization and recruit the best person for my requirements.” 
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