Large Government
Contractor Case Study

ERP In-Sourcing Project for a Large Government Contractor

ALTA was selected to provide staff members responsible for key deliverables, when a large government contractor in-sourced its PeopleSoft HR system from a large system integrator in a multi-phase process.


When the large government contractor began the process of in-sourcing its PeopleSoft HR system from a large integrator to its internal IT organization, outside resources were required to support this effort.


ALTA consulted to support the large government contractor's PeopleSoft in-sourcing initiative in multiple ways, phased over time. The successful transition increased customer satisfaction while reducing the overall cost of system ownership. ALTA managed the PeopleSoft upgrade from version 8.9 to 9.1. Additionally, ALTA provided top talent to help the large government contractor develop the following:

  • Transition plan
  • Technical architecture plan and documentation
  • Configuration management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Governance model for ERP to be potentially used for the enterprise


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