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ALTA Provides Software Development Talent to Build Websites and Business Applications

Application Development continues to be a major focus for companies across all industries. Companies are constantly making changes to existing applications, as well as implementing new applications to enhance their products and services. This has resulted in frequent changes to software technologies being introduced into the market, which impacts software design and development trends.

Companies have experienced significant growth in web applications, mobile application development, cloud computing, leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and deployment of Artificial Intelligence into their business applications.

In addition to leveraging emerging technologies, companies are also focusing on their development lifecycle processes to deliver quality business solutions – faster and cheaper. This focus has resulted in the growth of iterative development methodologies such as agile. Companies are also implementing efficiencies through the integration of software development and information technology operations commonly referred to as DevOps. Together, these two major changes are enabling companies to deliver capabilities faster to market, using less resources, all while ensuring that quality and internal controls remain in place.

ALTA works side by side with our clients in delivering experienced IT professionals to assist in transforming their application development environment while also designing, developing, and implementing business applications leveraging new and proven industry technologies.

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“A successful website does three things:

  • It attracts the right kinds of visitors

  • Guides them to the main services or product you offer

  • Collects contact details for future ongoing relations”

– Mohamed Saad, Author and Public Speaker