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Artificial Intelligence

July 18, 2023

AI Powered Assistants: Empowering Sales and Recruiting Professionals

By Joey Miller

Artificial intelligence is utilized so often lately that everyone seems to be an expert on every subject. As an individual driven by efficiency and the pursuit of the “minimum effective dose” for learning and understanding, I find myself utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbots such as ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing AI daily. Whether it be putting together a framework for a job description, gauging, and confirming understanding, or formulating game-changing interview questions, these chatbots are revolutionizing the practices of the staffing industry.

NLP chatbots offer innovative solutions in the realm of job description creation. For instance, when faced with a situation where a client had two Java developer direct reports without a formal written job description, I encountered the challenge of accurately qualifying the responsibilities and qualifications to identify ideal candidates. Utilizing an NLP chatbot, I was able to mesh the two resumes of the current Java teammates and some of the notes that I had taken from our call to qualify the position. After asking the chatbot to mesh my notes and the resume bullet points, I was able to bring a final description together with commands like “make this more succinct”. This is a command that I find that I am utilizing quite often with artificial intelligence tools.

Like most people, I am often trying to find the “minimum effective dose” of learning and understanding things that are new or foreign to me. The IT world is no different for me. Things are constantly changing and many of the positions and concepts that I come across are unfamiliar. Before every job qualifying meeting that I have with hiring managers, I find myself looking through job descriptions and extracting all the tools and concepts that I have not come across before. In some cases, I engage NLP chatbots to explain these roles to me in simple terms, as if communicating with a high school student. It seems a bit silly, but it has helped me confirm a basic level of understanding of roles and tools used for many positions. After I confirm a basic level of understanding I move into formulating questions that will also be helpful for job qualifications.

Formulating the right questions can be an absolute game changer for all different types of sales roles; business development for staffing is no different. Over the span of my career, I have tried to collect some of the best questions that I have heard from partnering recruiters, sales professionals, blogs, books, and mentors that I have. NLP chatbots allow me to supercharge my question-asking strategy. Utilizing a job description, I can ask the NLP chatbot to come up with 5-6 technical questions that boost credibility and create a whole new level of understanding for candidate searches. For instance, asking the NLP chatbot to “give me some technical questions that I can ask of a hiring manager for interview purposes for this job description [insert job description]”.  Bonus points if you can formulate questions that make the hiring manager rethink responsibilities or qualifications.

The rise of NLP chatbots has transformed the sales and recruiting industry. These intelligent tools offer a minimum effective dose of learning and understanding, saving time for professionals. NLP chatbots assist in crafting job descriptions via simple meshing commands.  They also help professionals navigate the ever-changing IT landscape by simplifying complex concepts and tools. Additionally, NLP chatbots enable sales professionals to formulate targeted questions that challenge hiring managers’ perceptions, revolutionizing the way qualifications are assessed. Overall, NLP chatbots have become indispensable tools, enhancing productivity and effectiveness in sales and recruiting.

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