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ALTA’s 2022 Retrospective

December 13, 2022

A Look Back on Successes, People and Lessons

By Zac Shaw

December is a great time of year to look back on the successes, people, and lessons. For me personally, it also marks another anniversary in my IT Staffing career. I started in this business on December 19, 2005. As year 17 of my career is coming to an end, the first thing that I think about is how thankful I am for ALTA, System One, and the people that I work with. When ALTA bought the small company, I worked at for the first 13+ years of my career, I was certainly nervous. However, the past 3.5 years at ALTA have been amazing. Here are the highlights from this year that I will always remember.

Change in Leadership

At the end of 2021, ALTA’s longtime leader, Rich Paolicelli, retired. Under Rich’s guidance, ALTA grew every single year. This included both organic growth and growth through acquisition. In January of this year, John Hayes became our new President. Through his leadership over the past year, ALTA has reached new heights that I’ll get into later. Additionally, we are positioned to continue this growth with new ideas and programs that you’ll see in 2023.

$100M Milestone

ALTA achieved a major milestone in 2022. We crossed the $100M revenue threshold for the first time. Our consistent success in helping clients find amazing technical talent has led to our growth from $62M in 2018 to over $100M in 2022. To get here, it has taken every ALTA employee and contractor, past and present. While it is fantastic to produce this level of revenue, what is more important is that we continue to add tremendous value to our clients and candidates.


In 2022, we also saw the retirement of our longtime HR Director after nearly 15 years with ALTA. Christine Bristol brought so much to ALTA over her career and left some big shoes to fill. However, our new HR Director, Megan Tufano, brings a ton of valuable staffing industry experience to ALTA. We can’t wait to see the continued positive impact of her expertise within the HR space.


This year has also led to some amazing people being promoted at ALTA and within System One. The creative voice behind ALTA’s social media for the last two years, Aly Moen, was promoted within System One. Her dedication to growing ALTA’s following and producing high-quality content was noticed by our parent company and now she impacts all the System One brands for the better. 

Desiree Liga, who has been with ALTA for nearly 11 years was also promoted to the Leadership Team.  For years, she excelled at serving some of our largest clients. In her new role, she continues to do this, but also gets to lead and mentor our Columbia office. Her positive impact is already being seen across the company.

 Company Gathering

After just over two years, (almost) all ALTA’s internal staff were able to meet in person again. At the end of July, our team met in Baltimore for an Orioles game. Non-local staff flew in, and things finally felt normal again. The ALTA team had an amazing time together. I really enjoy the people that I work with but getting to meet some of them in person for the first time was something I will always remember (we even saw an inside-the-park homerun bounce off the outfielder’s head!).


ALTA earned two important awards in 2022. In June, ALTA IT Services was recognized by the Washington Post as a Top Workplace in the DC area. We would like to say that we truly value our employees, and this award validates that claim.

This fall, ALTA was also recognized by the Washington Business Journal as the Largest Temporary Staffing Company in the DC Metro area. This is the 5th straight year we have earned this recognition.  This again shows the impact that ALTA has within our clients and community.


Our team is unmatched in the IT staffing space, through our hard work and dedication, we’ve achieved a lot of things and positioned ourselves for continued growth into 2023. It’s been a fantastic 2022 for ALTA IT Services. Here’s to a fantastic 2023!

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